The best accommodation when travelling with children

travelling with a baby

I love travelling, always have and always will but lets face it, some things have to change when the pitter-patter of tiny feet come along! For me, one of the major changes that I’ve made to my trips is which accommodation I choose.

For me, it really hit home when we visited Costa Rica and we stayed in an air b’n’b apartment in the jungle. The shower sparked when we turned it on, we had to throw a lit piece of paper in the over for it to light up and there were HUGE bugs crawling across the floor. Fortunately, baby Isla was not yet moving around so we could confine her to the bed and keep her away from the enormous insects but I was under no illusion that should we have said here a few months later I would have most likely found her with a half-eaten centipede!

The best accommodation when travelling with children

In light of this I am now a lot more fussy when I select which accommodation we will be staying in on our trips. Whilst I am not adverse to staying in a hotel or air b’n’b with baby Isla, I have had enough experience of noisy, small hotel rooms and apartments which are not up the standard I had expected to make me weary of these choices! Personally, my first choice of accommodation would be a luxury villa, such as Mykonos Villas who offer a range of high quality accommodations perfect for families and individuals alike. Here’s why I like to choose a villa:

travelling with a baby


Baby Isla needs to go to bed before my husband and I. For this reason its important that our accommodation has more than one room. I’m not necessarily fussy at this stage about having separate bedrooms (although this will change as she gets older!), but having a place to be able to sit and have a drink and a chat in the evening without waking her up is very important!



Talking of waking her up, we stayed in a hotel for NYE this year in Sri Lanka and despite being quite far away from the disco the sound radiated up into our room and was just as loud as it was on the dancefloor! Needless to say we had a VERY tired and grumpy baby the following day… it wasn’t the best start to 2018! Staying in a villa allows you to get away from the discothèque, the evening entertainment or the drunken Brits who get louder and louder with each pint.  



Children’s eating schedules aren’t always flexible. We found this to be particularly problematic in Sri Lanka when the evening meal started at 8.30pm… an hour after Isla would have like to go to sleep! Poor bubba was falling asleep whilst eating her veggie lasagne! Staying in a villa enables you to plan your meals, baby bottles, snacks etc around your family’s individual requirements which can make life a lot easier- nobody wants a hungry child! You can also buy food in from the supermarket which is generally more cost effective than eating out and buy some of the healthier options that might not always be on the restaurant menu.



This leads nicely on to flexibility. Villas usually allow you to eat when you want, get up when you want, leave when you want- what more could a family ask for?

travelling with a baby



Children, especially babies, require a lot of stuff. I’ve never carried so much luggage before I went travelling with baby Isla! This became somewhat problematic when we stayed in small hotel rooms, I remember one place where we could even open all of the cases at the same time as there wasn’t enough space! Having more space also allows your children room to play freely, Mykonos Villas have some beautiful accommodations to choose from that I would recommend!

Do you have any recommendations for places to stay with children? I’d love the hear them- leave your comments below!